Llewellyn: A Land Divided

The Run-In

It's a man-bear!?!?

Our group of adventurers set out for the eastern province and they were nearly at the bank of the Great River, when they were practically run over by a rogue-ish Eladrin being pursued by a group of angry Goblins. Unwilling to stand by and watch the Eladrin be dismembered, they came to his aid and began to battle off the feisty Goblins. Before long they were joined by an Elven Druid who elegantly descended from the treetops and promptly transformed into a fearsome bear. Working together they were able to defeat the Goblins, though Altholio was nearly killed and resurrected in a truly Jesus like fashion along the way.

After having defeated the Goblins the group discovered that the Eladrin, named Arathas, was on a mission to steal a highly unusual enchanted staff from the Goblin’s village elder. Arathas, who had a bit of rebellion in his blood, swore to help the companions reach the town of Chipway and find Zarg, if they would first help him collect the enchanted staff from the Goblin village.

Not wanting to be left out, the Wood Elf Iannas, or “Ian-the-Bear-Man” for short, decided to offer his assistance to the group as well. He was an older Elf and had seen much of the world. He was very in touch with nature, and as such was not happy with the way King Sebastian’s people were treating the land.

So the group was formed, and a plan was formulated. They would approach the Goblin village the following evening, waiting for the cover of darkness. Ian would transform into a small woodland critter, sneak inside and verify the staff’s whereabouts, then Arathas would follow and steal the staff. The others planned to wait outside as backup in case anything went wrong…

Which of course, something most likely would.



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